Weekend update 11-17

As always there is to much to do and not enough time to complete all of it. First is the update to the addition to the wood shop. The door is hung and the roof is up. The roof and sides are epoxy and fabric covered, for the most part. One more day and I should have it complete. Here are a few pictures of the project as the end of Sunday.


DSC_2808sAnd a quick look inside. I still have the dust collector ducting, the air piping and the lighting circuit to complete. After all that is complete I will insulate,sheet and sheet rock.

DSC_2809sTalking about the wood shop. I was on a job and was chatting with the home owner and a piece of equipment in his garage and he gave it to me. So meet the new addition to the shop.


DSC_2811sIt is a router table with a real nice Porter Cable router. It is funny that I just bought the same router last week for 309.00. I sold the new one to my neighbor today.

More work was completed on the rifle rack that I started a couple of weeks ago.


DSC_2824sI will cut the slots for the top and bottom hole this week and then set it up in the gun room.

I spent most of Saturday in a class on anodizing and I have a little write up on that in the future.

Last but not least I made a number of pieces for the stock washers. Simple parts but time consuming.


I will chat with you all tomorrow.



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