Update on fluting the VG1-5 barrels

The better part of this last year has been spent on the VG1-5 barrel fluting system. A great deal of work has been spent coming up with new designs for the fluting press. A number of prototypes have been made and abandon. In addition the actual fluting tool has been redesign more times then I would care to count. In a previous post I talked about the final design for the fluting tool,

Here is the design for the final design for the actual machine.

This is a series of pictures showing the components as they were being made.




IMG_3909sThe fluting tool mounted in the upper press.

IMG_4092sThe 3 jaw chuck mounted in the lower portion of the new press table.

IMG_4091sThis is how the assembly looks all together.

IMG_4003sa quick video

I need to give a special thanks to the people that help with this project. First is John C. who idea and basic design we used.

Second is to John D. for helping with the tool material and heat treating specs.

Last but not least is to Gordey for coming up with the new press concept.

They are all friends of Gun Lab and much appreciated.

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