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I did a little slipping in the machine gun shot video about one of the projects that we are also working on. That is the Gerat 06. There was only 4 of these weapons ever made before the Germans shifted to the STg45 instead. We are planning on doing 14 of them.

pattern room 270csThe other rifle that is also on the production line is the Gerat 05. This was a concept rifle only as no were ever made. This rifle is the only copy of one and I like it so much that I decided to do a run of 60 of them.

8-13-06a 091acsThis is a picture of me shooting it.DSCN0076aaAnd a close up of it.

8-13-06a 093csBoth of these rifles are gas operated roller lock design. the little wood stocked one is pattern after the Gerat 03 that was made in 7.92x57mm. Both of these rifles are in 7.92×33 kurtz. Both rifles take the standard stg magazine as well as the 10 round ones that we make.

So as we are finishing up the VG1-5 I will also start posting about both of these weapons. Until next time.

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  • Martin

    You certainly know how to keep a person coming back. I’m much looking forward to you starting to post about these two.

    What is it you like about the Gerat 05?

  • Martin

    About what I thought you’d say.

    How much, if any, redesign will be needed for the Gerat 05? Also, do you directly copy the dimensions of the parts when you don’t have to redesign them?

  • El Gato

    Hi there,

    How much would a Gerat 05 run? I may be interested in purchasing one.


    El Gato

  • Ian H

    That Gerat 05 looks like it could be a handy ranch rifle.

  • Storm

    Are you planning on building STG45 (only roller locked) ?

    Not much more to say that all these rare rifle build projects are way too much impressive.

  • eric

    Unbelievable, that you can “simply” build these rare firearms. Great job. I wondered why did you choose the Gerat 06 instead of the Stg 45, isn’t the gas operated 06 more difficult to build?

  • Joseph de Vicq

    What will the Gerat 05 cost?

    • Ian

      I have no idea yet – it will depend on what it costs to make them, and what Chuck decides he needs to charge to make the project viable.

  • Mark Krueger

    I’d be interested in an STG45…

  • Black Talon

    wow, you could make a lot of money producing these commercially, especially if you can keep your costs low.

  • James Snelson

    The bad news is that I’m disappointed to see that you are posting that you’re only making 14 copies of the Gerat 06, Chuck. But, the good news is that at least there will be 60 of the 05 model made! I’m on the list for a VG1-5 and had hoped to be able to eventually purchase a Gerat 05 and 06 as well. Food for thought: Rick at SMG Guns (semi FG42’s) states on his site that, when his new, first model FG42 is available, it would be his policy to first offer options to purchase this new first model to loyal customers who had financially supported his business by initially buying his second model FG42. Any chance you could see your way to making more than fourteen 06 models as a similar ‘customer appreciation’ gesture to those who have supported your project, Chuck? Maybe at least polling VG-1 buyers to access interest in making a second buy? These are not inexpensive guns, so it’s unlikely that everyone who buys a VG1-5 will, or can exercise that option, but how about at least thinking about relenting on your decision and possibly making a few more than 14? Sorry for the ‘gentle arm twisting’, Chuck. It was either that or bribery!

  • Howard

    Would certainly like to purchase a Garat 05, should these become available. If there’s a wait list, I’d appreciate being added to it. Thanks!

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