The new library part 5

I understand that people are tried of seeing posts on my new library, however it has taken over a great deal of my time so that is what I get to chat about.

When removing the decking what was thought of as only wood rot also turned out to be termites as well. To confirm the actual amount of damage we removed the stucco for the area of the library expansion.



There is a serious termite issue. One that will be address before completion.

The rest of the old decking was removed.


DSC_9016sNew floor joists were installed and new 1″ plywood added.




IMG_5072sAs with all projects there were a few set backs.It started raining on Saturday, so then tarps had to be hung to prevent the new decking from getting wet.

IMG_5096sBoth Saturday and Sunday the deck was worked on. By Sunday evening the first two walls were up and the a small start on the third wall.



IMG_5095sIt is amazing how these projects take on a life of there own. A quick video of the progress.






6 comments to The new library part 5

  • Bob Benson

    Chuck I am kind of sure your mind said “those little Bastards” even if you didn’t say it out loud.

  • Wally

    Chuck, let me know if you need an extra hand. I’m sick of working on my own place, and need a change of scenery :)

    • Chuck

      You need to finish your place. I am quite sure your better have would appreciate it. I will call on that help when the books and magazines are moved over to the library.

  • JB (the other one)

    I like the house work as well as the “gun” work. Could you not use green treated 2×4’s for the bottom plates to help cut down on the termite munchies?

    • Chuck

      I had those in the fab shop and the only thing it did was slow them down, took an extra month. The maple hard wood floor in the wood shop will be coming up shortly as that is like candy to them.

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