The Czech model 52 police carbine

I am not sure what to call this rifle. It started out as a Czech model 52 rifle in 7.62×45 with a 10 round magazine. Now it is a 7.62×39 carbine that uses ak-47 magazines and drums. It was a blast to shoot and handle. Here are some pictures of it.

The first few pictures show the rifle without any magazine to give you an overview of the design.



A couple of pictures of the bottom.



Now with a 20 round magazine.


DSC_3051csThe final few are with a drum.



20 comments to The Czech model 52 police carbine

  • Orin

    Looks like someone took a PPSh and a vz.52 rifle, put them into a mixer and this is what came out – :>)

  • Chris Brosnahan

    Actually the base rifle would be a 52/57 – the /57 was made for the shorter 7.62×39 round as the original 7.62×45 was not compatible with standard Combloc ammo…I HAD a 52/57 – thinking it was an original 52 I bought a huge lot of x45 ammo from Navy Arms…after my ’02c stroke the rifle was sold and only THEN did I find out it was a 52/57…I’d avoided shooting iot because of the corrosive ammo cleanup that would’ve been necessary…my loss…

    CB in FL

  • Chuck

    It is actually a 52 that has been re-barreled and cut for a AK magazine.

  • Mike

    Is this a Czech conversion or done by some company or an individual? We had a lot of VZ52/57 around in the early 90s but can’t say I see them for sale much these days.

  • Turk

    I happen to think that is neater than hell, where could a man get one of those, and what would it cost?

  • Joe

    Chuck, any progress?

  • CP

    Does this carbine have a similar FCG and carrier/bolt configuration as the VZ58? ie: bolt with a locking log; a linear hammer (striker); and two springs – one recoil and one for the striker. Please show some off the internals. Thanks.

  • shaneb1

    Wow! I am a big fan of the 52. I just bought one without a stock. Wanted to try and come up withan idea for something off the wall. I have seen a few mods,but this is the winner. Combines my favorite weapon PPSH 41! Have you worked out a cost for conversion parts? Thank you!!

  • FLHP98

    Really hoping you can come up with an estimated cost to convert a VZ5 to your “Police Carbine”. Extremely interested in getting one done. Thanks.

  • Chaz

    Looks great! Bet it’s an awesome little blaster! I recently re Barreled my vz52 to 7.62×39 and love it. This makes me want to pick up another to play with!

    My question is how did you attach the barrel shroud? I assume you had to weld a nut or boss to the receiver to retain the stock

  • CP

    Any chance you could do a field strip and post some detailed pics of the FCG and receiver interior ? This was prob one of the stepping stones toward the Samopal Vzor 58s and the comparison of FCG would be interesting to me and others.

    I also wonder if the chamber conversion to 7.62×39 didn’t happen to vzor52 at about the same time or just after the VZ.58 was manufactured in earnest for the same 7.62 Russian cartridge.


  • Timothy Poisson

    Looking for an Email address that I can attache some pictures of my police carbine.

    What type of mags do you use for this fire arm. Are their Czech mags made for this fire arm?

    Conventional 7.62 x 39 mags has a tab that does not allow the mag to slip into place.

    Thinking of filing down the tab to see if the mag will smoothly fit in the slot


  • Judith Banaszak

    I have one of these….who made them ?

  • Judith Banaszak

    Mine is 7.62×39, takes AK China STAMPED magazines (only), and China AK Drums with very slight dremeling on the magazine lug.

  • KJ

    I have one of these, Where did these come from ?

  • ken n.

    I have one of these with a drum only other AK magazines won’t fit right. Are there any Czech mags for this ? My uncle passed, never had chance to ask. Aunt said he had it for years so the mags might have been lost. Like to replace them.

  • Ted Colbert

    Where can I find information on the 52 police carbine?

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