Sunday answer for 10-5

The item on Saturday’s post.


DSC_0042_s Is a 22lr cartridge adapter for a MAS 36 training rifle. This is as it looks next to a 22lr cartridge.

DSC_0259_sThis is with the 22lr cartridge in the adapter.

DSC_0260_sNext to the rifle.

DSC_0261_sIn the magazine of the rifle.

DSC_0268_sYou can see the special feed ramp for this caliber in the follower.

DSC_0272_swHere are a few pictures from Jean Huon’s book “Les Fusils Francais A Verrou” showing the cut away of the adapter and a black and white photo of the adapter.


spencer0001scIf you don’t have Jean Huon series of books you should get them. Even if can not read French the pictures are well worth the price.

1 comment to Sunday answer for 10-5

  • Pete F.

    An interesting way to get around the issue of the offset firing pin needed to fire the rimfire ctg.
    Feedramp? Was that so a round could just be dropped in and the bolt push it into the chamber, or were multiple rounds meant to be fed from a mag?
    Might be an interesting to make for use in my MP44??

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