Sunday answer 5-10-15

DSC_5111sWhat you are looking at is the spigot stem to a “Bigot”. For those of you not familiar with this weapon it is a dart firing adapter for a 1911 pistol.

The front of the shaft showing the tip of the firing pin.

DSC_5114srear view showing the back of the firing pin

DSC_5112sside view of the base. It has the dimensions of a 45 acp.

DSC_5109sback view of the base

DSC_5108scomplete assembly


DSC_5118sThe base and shaft installed in barrel


DSC_5105sRear view of the dart


DSC_5103sThis is how the dart would look pushed on to the shaft

DSC_5102sAs it would look in the pistol ready to fire


A cross section of the entire dart.


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