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We posted about the female die for the FG-42 first model bi-pod stamping die a while back. Today’s post is about the male stamping die. This first set of pictures is the solid model for the male die.

male die 2_s

male die 1_s



Once again a few pictures to give you an idea of what the bi-pod should look like.



IMG_2316_sWE are also trying something new with this post and that is provide a video of the master cam program as it operates.


Here is the video of the master cam program:

I am working on an audio track for the next posts, just did not have any luck on this one.

The total run time to make the die plate is 4 hours. tool costs $210.00, total time for for solid modeling, master cam programing,tool set up is 16 hours. Material costs is $60.oo. Just to make the die the cost was approx $1550.00. dividing this cost over 300 pieces brings the basic cost for this die down to 5.00 per piece for this die. There will probably be 6 sets of dies per bi-pod leg.

Friday hope to have the video of the die being made. Stay tuned and comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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