Semi Auto Villar Perosa

One of the more interesting finds at the show was a semi auto Villar Perosa. This one is in 9×19 instead on the Italian 9mm cartridge. A very interesting piece and one that would look great in any collection.

Here come the pictures and there are lots of them.

img_1908sThere is nothing better looking then brass on a gun. This weapon has some brass.


img_1917sThat is one heck of a grip assembly.







img_1931sEven the cocking handle with the two different materials is such a nice touch.


img_1924sThe front angle view of this weapon.


img_1913sThe front bi-pod swivel is even brass.


img_1910sThis is one of those toys that I wish I had money for. It is seriously sexy.

SAR show update

Sorry for the late post on the SAR show, I have just been very tired and busy making up for the lost time in my primary business.

The  really interesting items I got at the show was a Japanese type 96 light machine gun parts kit. There was a gent there selling Japanese type 96, 97, 99, 11 and there copy of the MG-15 parts and magazines. My type 96 was missing a number of small parts and a magazine so I was able to obtain everything I needed to get it back in working order.

I do have a post with pictures of differences in 96 parts coming up.

I also managed to find and buy two pistols that I did not have in the reference collection. A Campo Giro and a Danish model 1910/21 pistol. It is always good to find something that you don’t have for the collection. There will be posts about them as well.

I was hoping to have the first 10 VG1-5’s  ready for the show. That was not meant to be however. While fluting the barrels I managed to break the only fluting tool that we had. Three more fluting tools are now at heat treat and will be here this next week. I need to add stiffing plates to the fluting press and continue on. There is a post coming out on the current state of the VG1-5 project.

Curtis Wolf has once again come up with another interesting historic gun for collectors. In this case it is a semi auto Villar Perosa in 9×19. I have a number of pictures on that and it will be a post this week.

The Pizza party on Saturday night went over very well. About 50 people came and I think everyone had a good time. Everyone left by 12:30 and it was on to the last day of the show.

A number of posts coming this week. Chat with you all soon.

Machine gun shoot 11-30

With the SAR show coming up we have a group of people staying at the house. So the Wednesday prior to the show a couple of us put on a small machine gun shoot, just to have some fun. Some of these shoots have ended up being a couple of hundred people in attendance. This year we wanted to keep it a little smaller so only about 50 people were invited.

Everyone at the house was allowed to choose one weapon from the reference collection to take out. In the past it has actually required two vehicles to haul out all the guns people wanted to take. This year  it was kept small due to the amount of work that had to be accomplished along with everything else.

The weapons that were taken was the SIG AMT, the early roller lock family of weapons ( Gerat 05, 06 and the STG 45) A Beretta AR-70, the MP-44 as well as a variety of handguns. There was a number of machine guns at the shoot as well.

Here is a quick video of the fun that was had.


Part 1 on making the stocks for the VG1-5

This last weekend I started making the stocks for the VG1-5. This is a multi step process in which the basic board is measured, have the edge squared, re-sawed, planed,and generally set up to then make the stock.

This is the video for part one.

So I am starting with this.

1And end up with the blanks ready to cut into stock blanks.


Update on the fluting press

With the last of the fittings here I was able to hook up the hydraulics to the fluting press.

I have a short video of it operating.

The next step is to finish attaching the dro. then to fluting barrels

Happy Thanksgiving from Gun Lab

Here at gun Lab a terrific day was had. My wife cooked an outstanding meal using her new and almost completed kitchen. There was ham,turkey,stuffing,potatoes,and all the necessary fixings to go with them. Friends and family were her to enjoy the meal.

As for myself The day off was perfect. I was able to get the fluting press working, I have completed the first few ops on making the stocks for the VG1-5 using my new router table and the chamber issue with the Vg1-5 barrel was solved. A really good day.

I hope all of you enjoyed the day as much as I did.

Interesting Shotgun

Normally I don’t write a lot about over and under shotguns. I am making the exception for this shotgun. I found this at a shop when I was doing some work there. The owner could not remember the cause but he thought it was either the wrong ammo or bad reloads. Hard to tell but what a mess.img_1860s

img_1861sThat is some serious over pressure




img_1865sAt one time it was a real nice Franchi

Fluting press update

I was really hoping to have a video of it working with this post. That being said we are actually very close. All the hydraulic fitting and control circuits are completed. The digital read out in almost completed. Here is a quick video of our progress.

Here is a close up of the mounting bracket and flow control valve on the fluting press.


And a pictures of everything hooked up and ready to go.

dsc_3251sThe new fittings will be here tomorrow and I hope to have it up and running by next Saturday.

Part three from the weekend

When the router table project came to a halt it was time to move on to something else.

Back to the fab shop. You saw the work on the fluting press and the forging press. Well a little more work was accomplished on the fab shop addition.

All the walls and door frames are up. Just more hangers to nail into place.

dsc_3217sThe majority of the roof is up.

dsc_3218sAnd this is the reason for the addition.

dsc_3219sI will not get back to this project until the middle of December so here it sets for awhile. Yes I know I did not make it big enough.

Fluting press

In the last post you saw how we are coming along with the hydraulic forging press. Most of the work is now complete on it and I am trying to finish up the fluting press. Axel mad a lock nut for the tool holder.

dsc_3175sI have an DRO from the router machine that I took apart.

dsc_3176sI am working on a mounting system to allow the accurate measurement of the depth of the flute cut.

dsc_3177sTo allow a slow control cut of the flutes a throttle valve is being installed.

img_1848sThe real issue today was how to mount the throttle valve and piping hook ups. I think the answer might be uni-strut.
dsc_3171sThis was an idea that came from Axel and I will try and get this working this week.


I am thinking that if I mill a little out from the uni-strut and weld on a base I can mount the throttle valve this way.

dsc_3172sThe reason for the concern on mounting the throttle valve is the stress that the quick disconnects will have on the system.