Another wood shop update

I know everyone is tried of reading about the wood shop. It has, however, taken over all my free time. It is a project that needs to be completed to allow me to continue with the other and much more interesting projects.

The wood shop extension Was taped and textured last Saturday.With a few moments I started cleaning the cabinets that needed to go in that room.



Then on Sunday the room was primed and painted. While waiting for everything to dry the upstairs deck sheet rock was started.


By Sunday after noon the cabinets in the extension were hung up. In addition the majority of the electric was finished.

IMG_6476sBy Sunday night the tool boxes and cnc router had been moved over a set in there position.



This weekend the rain started on Saturday and just did not stop.




The electric was worked on again. All the lights were converted from florescent to led and put up.

IMG_6499sThe upstairs was sheet rocked some more and taped.

IMG_6500sThe rest of the electric in the upstairs was run and insulation put in place.


IMG_6502s Then we started moving the equipment in the wood shop to its final destination.

IMG_6494sA number of the adjustable level feet were broken or bent and now need to be replaced. Something to do next week end. The store room was also cleaned and reorganized.

IMG_6457sGetting there just not fast enough for me.

An interesting Webley pistol

This pistol is coming up for auction, and no I do not know which one. I just wish I had the money necessary to even think about bidding on it.


2A write up from the auction house.

1It just looks like fun. I wonder if one could be made for a Mk VI or even a Mk IV.

Something new and fun at Gun Lab

On Saturday I get a text from a friend wanting to know if the deck gun he just say was coming to my place.

1aThen a few moments later I get a knock at the door and there is John U. I have something to show you and can you fix this.

2aHere are a few pictures of that beautiful toy.



3Being a new lawn ornament the garden gnome wanted it to get rid the rabbits in the garden.


Just a beautiful sun set in Arizona.



4A special thanks to John for sharing his new toy with us and to Wally for sharing a few of his pictures.

More updates with the termite battle

A couple of weekends have passed and more work has been accomplished in getting the wood shop back together.

To start with I ended up with termites now in the machine shop and wood storage room.

This tube was in the clean room.


And the second door to the machine shop.

IMG_6357sThese are in the wood storage room.



What this means is that more holes had to be drilled.

IMG_6362sTo do this of course everything had to be moved once more.

First the tool boxes and semi portable equipment.IMG_6363s

Then all the bigger wood working equipment.


But my all time favorite was the surface plate.

IMG_6391sThen after termite treatment everything had to go back.

The wood shop extension has now been sheet rocked and taped and mud on all the joints.



The pocket door for the well and pressure pump room has been installed.

IMG_6389sThen the storm came in today and brought the 8th largest rain fall in a single day.



IMG_6393sBy the time the rain stopped after I went to bed it was the 7th largest rain fall for Phoenix, we had 3″ on our rain gauge.

A thanks to a friend of Gun Lab

A while back I did a post on the Webley pistol in 32. It is an interesting pistol but I had no ammo for it. The U.S. equivalent is .32 short Colt. Try and find that the local gun shop. Chuck O. a frien of gun lab dropped by with 3 boxes of it.


IMG_6289sIt will be out at the range with me on my next visit. Thanks Chuck

Being a “hoarder” part 2

In the post I talked about the trip to the storage shed. This pile of stuff came about because I just asked. I was doing a job for a home owner and in the back yard was this pile.


The home owner said she wanted it gone. So at my house sets to kilns and two motorized potter wheels.

A large potters wheel

IMG_6258ssmall potters wheel

IMG_6257sA small kiln

IMG_6254sA large kiln

IMG_6255sI also did another job at a house that was being sold. The owner called to ask a few questions and I asked about the bench.


It is now in the wood shop for the cost of just picking it up.

IMG_6236sI enclosed the back to keep unwanted guests out of the drawers.

IMG_6291sI did clean and lubricate all the drawer  bearings as well.

Weekend update on the wood shop, 9-16-18

With another nice Arizona weekend where the temperature in the shade was 110 degrees I was back in the wood shop trying to get things finish so I can work on some rifle projects. I did most of the sheet rock in the wood shop extension.



IMG_6336sStill some screws to install, but that is what next weekend is for.

Being a “HOARDER” part 1

A good friend of Gun Lab recently mention that I am or might be a hoarder.  I think of myself as someone that is very good at re-purposing material and equipment. Working on a limited budget I am always trying to make do with little or no money. In my normal job I am at homes and businesses every day. The amount of tools, equipment and material that is thrown out is amazing.  I have developed and attitude of asking what they are going to do with something that looks like it is rusting away of being scraped. To this end these are a couple of the items I have picked up over the years.

Earlier this year a friend wanted some help emptying his storage shed. While there I checked the dumpster and did another stop. So for less then a couple of hundred dollars I came home with this load.


IMG_5035sThere was a real nice Miller tig and arc welder with tank, accessories, and consumables.


IMG_5045sA work bench, vise evap cooler, ladder, tool box and a number of shelving units.




IMG_5041sAll of this for about the cost of the ladder. The welder is now the go to welder in the fab shop and with the work being done in the wood shop the tool box will be made in to a built in unit.

More work in the fab shop


With the extra cabinets from the school I started adding more cabinets in the fab shop. Storage is at a premium everywhere in the shops so these will help a great deal.


More cabinets added.

IMG_6244sMix and match. It works for me

IMG_6243sParts storage and a charging station for the battery operated drills

IMG_6245sStill not enough storage but a lot of stuff has now found a new home and it is off the work benches.

The Wood shop, Part 4

With the wood shop checked and fixed it was time to look at the hardware and well room. It was just as bad if not worse.

The bearing support wall and beam was just destroyed by the termites.


IMG_5577sAll the sheet rock was removed from the walls and ceiling.

IMG_5690sTemporary walls were built to support the second floor guest house.

IMG_2750sAnd the center wall was removed.

IMG_6005sIt is at this point that I have to give out a special thank you to a friend of Gun Lab, John U. It was with his help and knowledge that we were able to come up with the material and design for the new support for the second story guest house.

I had gotten a call late in the day with John saying he was stranded on I-10 and could I get a truck to help him move a trailer of stuff coming to my house. I borrowed a friends F-250 truck, which is a very nice truck, and headed out on a rescue journey.

In the truck and trailer was a steel I beam and all the jacks and rigging equipment to get the beam up and supported.IMG_2784cs


IMG_2789sNow we were back in the game. First hole had to be dug and the beam moved in and prepped.


IMG_6006sThe beam was painted and then the wood 2×8’s attached.



IMG_6055sHoles were drilled and supports welded into place. Again thanks to John for his help and expertise.


IMG_6070csThe columns were made up and ready for installation.

IMG_6080sThe beam was now rigged into place.


IMG_6063sWith the beam up it was now time to use the screw jacks to place the beam into place and set the columns in.




IMG_6073sSix columns were used to put pressure on the I beam. The columns were attached and then concreted into the floor.


DSC_1147sNow on the part 5.