Pictures for the Shot Show update.

Everyone looks at different things when you are at the Shot Show. This is some of the items that caught my wife’s attention.

This display was at the NRA exhibit.

IMG_0865sA quick video of a couple of items at the show.

Some of the weapons that she looked at.




IMG_0885sA stop by Bond Arms.


IMG_0930sAnd the engraver in the booth next to them.


IMG_0890sAs we have a shop and a Sharps machining center in it she stopped by to check out the latest and greatest.

IMG_0928sShe also contacted a couple of parts manufactures for me while there.

IMG_0929sSuppressors, it just makes shooting more fun.


IMG_0958sShe say’s it looks like Johnny 5 from the movies.

IMG_0965sThe new Taurus cuvrve.

IMG_0955sJust cool

IMG_0967sA quick stop by Remington and was amazed at all the companies that had acquired.

IMG_0971sWhat happen to Tapco. This was the entire display.

IMG_0978sLoved the paw prints.

IMG_0992csNow on to what she really wanted.



IMG_0987sThe complete set of course.

IMG_0984sIt will Not be on next years Christmas list

IMG_0985sThe end of a hard day at the Shot Show. The work is never over.



Shot Show update

It is that time of the year that everyone has gone to the Shot Show to meet friends, look at the newest product and make deals. All the gun blogs are taking about what is new and interesting at the show and who is making what. Well I did not get the opportunity to go this year, instead my wife and a girl friend of hers went. I will have the full report in tomorrows post when she gets back of what she looked at and what was interesting to her. This is just a quick run down based upon my findings many miles away.

First I have been going to the show shot off and on for almost 3 decades now and for those of you that have not been there there are a lot of after show parties. These are events where you get to meet and mingle with designers, buyers, sellers and the people in the know. There are also a lot of meeting for drinks at the bar and dinner get together to discuss what ever . I know this because generally I am told about it the next day. Well this year I have it for fact. Not that I went to any of them but my wife and Chris, her friend, were invited and went to a number of them. In addition she had photo ops with everyone.

I am not sure what this means, but maybe next year I might get invited if I go with her.

Pictures tomorrow

Book review of the new AK book

I just received the three volume set of books dealing with the AK weapons system. Here at Gun Lab we are no stranger to the AK series of rifles.




But there is so much information that is packed into the three volumes it will take some time to go over it.

Where have you seen information on the Ukraine bull pup rifle

IMG_0624sA complete section on all the variations of the Chinese weapons.

IMG_0619sThe Israeli 30 carbine rifle.

IMG_0618sSerbian weapons.

IMG_0617sThe SIG series of riles.


There is not a country that is missing.

If you are interested in this set of books then go here.

If you are into the AK series of weapons this is the set of books that you need to get. I think you will be very happy with them.

Wire EDM update

Last weekend and this weekend I spent a little time on the wire EDM that I picked up at auction. The last report I published we had changed out the bad switches on the control panel and had got the wire to feed through the machine. When I tried to start the water flow through the machineĀ  the pumps would run but the upper and lower flush pumps would not pump. So this Saturday with the help of a couple of friends the three of us re-worked the two pumps that were giving me problems.


This is what the pump housing area looked like after the removal of the pumps and piping.

DSC_7887sThe major problem with the lower flush pump was a bad check valve.

DSC_7896sThe strainer had no wire basked in it so I made on from the available mesh that I had on hand.

DSC_7897sWith no strainer basket installed this is what was found in the inlet of the pump.

DSC_7898sThis effectively stopped the flow of water to the inlet of the pump.


Both pumps were taken apart and thoroughly cleaned. Then they were reinstalled and the piping hooked back up. A quick test and we had flow.

DSC_7891sYou can see the video of the pumps operating, both the upper and lower flush pumps working.

However more problems have occurred. We have now lost the CRT, TV tube. It was working up until last weekend when it just stopped.

This is the current condition we are in with the wire edm. Joe and Alan, friends of Gun Lab, helped with testing and re-working the pumps. An interesting question was brought up during all this work and that what was the cost so far concerning the Japax wire edm and is it worth it. So to date I spent 1400.00 buying it at auction and 100.00 buying new switches. I have bought resin and filters as well, but that would be the case with a new machine. Currently I would say yes it is worth the money I have spent to date. I am hoping that there is not much wrong or that the cost of repairing the tube will not be that great. We shall see.

Another site has gone

Another site that I use to go to every day has now gone missing. It went by the name Lock, Stock and History, with the address of:

It is a shame as it was one of my favorite. I hope he makes a come back.

I just got an update that he is still alive and well but just moved. His new site is:

If you have not gone to his site in the past check it out. It is a great place to spend a couple of hours looking at some great history.

Another sheet metal pistol

After my post on Axel’s home made sheet metal pistol I came across another one made by Clinton Westwood. In the following videos produced My Clinton he goes over the process that he went through to make a 25acp pistol from this set of plans.


Part 1 This deals with making the magazine.

Part 2 deals with making the frame

Part 3 is making the fire control group


Part4 Is making the rails and slide


Part 5 deals with making the frame web and trigger guard

Part 6 is making the barrel

Clinton has put together a nice set of videos describing his journey and he has made a very nice pistol.


My favorite Maxim machine guns

There has been a number of articles and write ups on the Maxim gun lately so I thought I would add my 2 cents in. I have owned a number of Maxim guns over the years. An 08, 08/15 and a Chinese type 24 and well as a number of kits. However, my favorite Maxim guns are the little sales sample that Mr. Maxim use to take with him, the Finish m/09-21 and of course the Argentina brass Maxim. This write up is about the one I like the most and will never own. The Sales sample Maxim in 7.63×25.

This first four pictures came from an interesting site that if you have an opportunity should check out.




3The rest are pictures that I have taken a few years back. A couple of views of the barrel jacket. The jacket pattern would be the easiest of the patterns to make.


IMG_0076cThe side of the receiver

IMG_0043cTo give you the over all size for length

IMG_0045cand height

IMG_0046cA view of the feed block setting in the receiver

IMG_0001sHere are some views of the feed block.



IMG_0005cWhat a casting and machining project. The pattern alone had to be very interesting.

IMG_0006cA few pictures of the lock.



IMG_0039cSome more pictures of the inside of the receiver.


IMG_0108 (2)c

IMG_0110 (2)csThe look of this little gun is just beautiful.

IMG_0122 (2)cs

IMG_0129 (2)cThe recoil spring

IMG_0145 (2)cNow for the pistol grip.


IMG_0159 (2)cIf I had the time this would be a gun I would love to make, even if it were only in semi auto. The patterns alone would be works of art as well as the castings.




1945 Lithgow 22 trainer

John a friend of Gun Lab recently sent me some pictures of an addition to his collection as he knows that I have a thing for 22 trainers. This is a Lithgow SMLE 111* rifle that is in 22 lr. According to the available references on this rifle they were put together by Jovino in the 1980’s. Still it is a very nice rifle and something I would love to own or build. 14A couple of views of the markings on the rifle


2A left side view of the receiver.

6The original sight was kept on the rifle

7A close up of the front sight and rifle muzzle and cap.

8Now on to the bolt.

10A close up of the bolt head.

11You can see the off set firing pin hole for a 22lr rim fire round.

13Just a quick look at what the print for a new bolt head would look like. It would be an interesting build.

library3 072c

The rifle was a single shot only and the magazine body was use to catch the ejected cartridges.

12Still with the standard brass butt plate.

5For more information of 22 caliber Enfield rifles you should check out the following references.

scan cs

scan0002 cs



Part 3 of the Volkspistolen

In this post we will be covering some of the small parts as well as the assembly and dis-assembly and operation of the Volkspistolen.

First a series of picture of this really nice looking pistol as completed.








This first video is of assembly and dis-assembly of the slide and showing the fire control group.

Now on to more pictures of the individual components to show how they are made.

The first set is of the disconnector.




SAM_1240sThe trigger

SAM_1197sMagazine catch and back strap

SAM_1164sThe majority of the parts ready to be assembled

SAM_1179sThis next series are some more pictures of the frame.

SAM_1153sIt is interesting to see how the magazine well was made.




SAM_1190sThe cover for the magazine well is also the guide for the trigger




SAM_1252sThis photo gives a better view of the trigger as it sets in the frame


This last video shows the operation of the fire control group and how this pistol works.


Saying Good bye to some old friends

As with the end of every year we look back to think of friends that have past to say good bye one last time.

Larry Kaufman. He was the owner of Windsor Arms of Phoenix. I have spent a time or two in his store.

scan_Page_1csGordan Herigstad. If you ever owned or looked at a 21 Thompson then you have met Gordan. What a passion he had for that weapon.


scan_Page_2csTom Spengel was a regular at all the machine gun shoot. He could come up with some of the more interesting stuff to shoot.

scan_Page_3csBeyrl Barnett. I have known Beyrl for over 30 years. He will be missed the most.

scan_Page_4csGood bye, more good guys lost.