Weekend up date 3-23-15

Busy weekend. A number of small and large projects were completed this weekend so lets get to the list.

The first was completing the painting in the fab shop. This is what it looked like.

DSC_2610sAnd this is how it looks now.

DSC_4628csI hope to work on the last of the lighting next weekend.

The wall in the wood shop was sanded and another coat of mud put on. This is the before we even started  it picture.

DSC_2723sThen after we took out the window and framed it in.

DSC_3135sThis is how it looks now.

DSC_4627sWe moved some equipment around in the wood shop it allow easier access and use.


DSC_4616sI need to build a dust cabinet around the cnc router and I wanted the access to be where I can install and remove fixtures and parts.

I finished the radial arm saw table.



My wife started on the new library/document room.

Cabinet of manuals

DSC_4622sFiles of data collected over 35 years.

DSC_4621sWe also got the cnc router up and running. The parameters had been changed and it took most of Saturday getting it to work properly. Here is a quick video of it cutting air.


The other project that was worked on was the photographic stand for rifles and pistols. The first version I was using a lazy susan to allow me to move it.

DSC_4618csHowever there was to much movement so the final version is just bolted to the board.




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What is it Saturday 3-21-15




Friday Video 3-20-15

I had to work late last night and I am back at it early today. Here is a video put out by the British Government on the making of the Sterling Sub machine gun.

Cut Away rifle SA-80

I do love looking and photographing cut away weapons. The amount of information that is gathered in a good cut away is amazing. I hope you enjoy this one.












When I was taking the pictures I was focusing on a particular part. That is the reason for so many that look the same.

New tool for the wood shop

A while back a gent passed away and his wife was left with a cnc router. A friend of mine had loaned him the money for the router so the wife let him take the router as payement. Long story short he had no use for the router and a little trading went on and now this sets in my wood shop.

DSC_4592sThe table is 3’x5′ which is a perfect size for my little wood shop. All is not perfect though.As you can see there is no dust collector cabinet. This is something that has to be fixed as this little machine will put out more saw dust then I can clean in a week. The next problem is the support stand. It was not part of the original machine but something that was added later and poorly done as well. To give you an idea this is the cross support.

DSC_4599sIt was an aluminum extrusion for a window or door that was cut away to kind of fit and then screwed on to the base leg.

DSC_4595sThe aluminum leg would be fine if they were accurately marked and machines to fit the frame, but they were not. In addition they are not adjustable to allow proper leveling.

DSC_4596s The good news is that it comes with a lot of tooling and tie downs and has mach3. I have had the opportunity to run this machine and it works great. The only machine improvement that I am going to make is raise the z axis to all the use of a 4th axis.

A few more pictures of the new toy.


DSC_4593sI am hoping that this will be a great time saver for the stocks we have to make on the VG1-5 and 05 rifles as well as pattern making for the metal casting I need to do. For those of you that will ask, yes I could have used one of the cnc mills or machining centers to cut wood and I have. The problem with that is the oil that covers the machine tools is not good for the wood parts and the saw dust is not good for the coolant systems.

Archive Photo.

This is another in a series of pictures that I took over 20 years ago. I had and still have a thing about artillery I have always wanted a piece of artillery of my own but never seem to have the funds available when they came up for sale. So for now I will just take pictures of them.


scan0007_Page_10c1sThis cannon was just to cute not to take pictures of it.

Weekend update

First things first. I am dog beat tired. I will post pictures later about everything. Changes were made to the wood shop, solid models were done and a new rifle rack was worked on.

So lets start at the beginning. Saturday was spent with the computer system that I could not get to work correctly only to have my son come in on Sunday and not even find a problem. Make note to self to beat to death a computer for the computer gods.

I started redrawing for a new set of gun racks which will be finished this next week. The solid modeling just did not want to play nice. It took a number of tries to get it correct in an assembly. Pictures to come.

I also started working on drawings for a Volcanic pistol that I want to make some day. That also went to crap, it was just not a day for computer work.

I went to work on cleaning out the pantry and setting up the photographic area. It is amazing just how much junk I can accumulate on a single horizontal surface. With that completed I started on the rifle/pistol photograph stand. I have the remainder of the stand to complete this coming week when the missing components come in.

Sunday turn out a great deal more productive. I move out a great deal of equipment from the wood shop and installed a new CNC router. Wow, another machine to learn how to use. Half of dozen friends dropped by to say hi and it was nice to see them all. And the most exciting news, I made most of the new gun rack for the gun room.

This is it for now as I am done. I will be back tomorrow.

Sunday Answer 3-15-15

This is the bolt that you looked at yesterday.

IMG_0066csThe ring on the back is to cock the bolt.


IMG_0070csYou can see where the hammer travels through the bolt and strikes the firing pin. This rifle fires from a closed bolt.



It goes to the Beretta model 1918/30 carbine in 9mm Glisenti. It is a cartridge similar to the 9×19 but of much less powerful,

You can see the similarity to the Beretta model 38 smg bolt.


9mm Luger ammunition will fit and fire in this weapon but should not be used.


DSC_4588csIt was a well made carbine using a forged and machined receiver.


It was generally issued as a police carbine.

What is it Saturday 3-14-15