Archive Photo 3-31-15

Years ago when I was a young lad I had the hots for a tank,I later owned a Ferret scout car, but I wanted a tracked vehicle. That is when I knew little to nothing about them and the work involved in maintaining them. I must also mention that I am 6’4″ and could not fit in any tank that interested me. This set of pictures is from a private tank museum that is no longer in business, but I really liked this cute little pre-WW2 tank. I have no idea where the tank has gone to so if someone knows please let me know. I would like to take photo’s of the inside one day. I must also mention that I am not a vehicle guy but a gun guy. This means that I want the tank as an accessory for my guns and not the other way around. I use to own a m-2 50 cal machine gun, a Lathe 20 mm cannon and a number of 1919’s so I thought this would be the perfect  toy to carry them around in at a shoot.

Here are the pictures of this cute toy.

A frontal view.



scan_Page_12c2csClose up of the main armament in this model

scan_Page_29c1xsright side angle view.

scan_Page_11c1sHere are a few pictures from an old magazine.

A crew of 4.

scan0001c2asa great cut away of the tank


The armament it carried

scan0001c1sIt used a 235h.p. radial airplane type engine with a max speed of 35mph on the road and 5mph in the open country.

views of VG1-5 rifles and slings

I have assembled a number of pictures of various VG1-5 rifles and there slings from the internet and ones that I have taken. These are the internet pictures.

Volkssturm_Gewehr_VG_1-5A closer look at the sling.


This is the only picture that I have ever seen with a rear swivel on the sling.

VG1-5RightHere is a close up of the sling and swivel.


pix487760728Another close up of this sling.


These are the rifles that I have photographed.

library6 102cs


A couple of close ups.


DSC_0635sAll the slings look to be a course weave material but of different color lots. Using this as my bases I think I am going with the first version of sling material. I am also thinking about using the swivel as a rear attachment for the sling.

cb29ca0ea3f419d2b10780baacc60ac0cOf the three sling material available I happen to think the first one is closest.

DSC_4654csOnce again number 1.


Weekend up date 3-30-15

Well the weekend is over and the library is dome. We went through all the boxes, except gun magazines, and have found a place for most of them. What a long day. Here are the pictures of the results.

Sheet metal and Naval manuals.


DSC_4683swelding and machining

DSC_4681sfoundry, blacksmithing and knife making.

DSC_4682swood working and building

DSC_4679sMagazine storage

DSC_4678sNow to start locating all the other books and putting them up. At least the wood shop is back.


DSC_4676sStill need to finish the wall. Next weekend.

Sunday Answer 3-28-15

The bolt and bolt carrier shown in Saturdays post.


IMG_0015scComes from an 8×57 Dror machine gun. Here are a few picture of this weapon.

pattern roon 2 021csc

pattern roon 2 022csc


dror_g2One of the unique items about this LMG is the open bolt operation while on full auto and the closed bolt operation while on semi- auto.

Here is a close up look of this fire control system.

jmoorestuff004-1You can see the full auto sear engaged in the bolt.

Up date on the library

My last post on my library and the mess that it was in hit a few off note cords around here. No access to a great deal of my reference library and the mess all the rooms were in really pushed my buttons. Then boom I get a call from a general contractor ,that I did some work for, and he wants to get rid of some moving book cases. These are the type you see in large library’s only a 4 compartment set. He wants to know if I want them or not, of course we all know the answer to that. So I picked them up this morning and the days work was set. This is what the little room looked like before we re-worked it.


IMG_0103sNow after we started the whole new library thing.



A close up of one of the book shelves.

DSC_4670csThe new moving book cases look like this.


DSC_4661csThis was not accomplished with out making a mess everywhere. The books had to go somewhere while we moved.


DSC_4657csAll the garbage in the room had to come out as well.

DSC_4665sA little more work was done on the wall of the wood shop as well. It was sanded and a final coat of mud put down. One more sanding and then I will paint it.

DSC_4660sSaturdays over, but tomorrow is another fun filled day.

What is it Saturday 3-28-15



Apology for lack of posts

Sorry about the lack of posting. Once again the work load in my company has taken over my life. Most days this last week were 12 to 14 hours in length and one 16 hour day. I will get back on it this weekend.

VG1-5 slings

We are coming to a close on this project. The end is near and it is time to do some of the final touches prior to shipping out. This is not to say everything is done, far from it. All the parts are made, the fire control group works, most of the small bugs are worked out. The test gun has been sent for the first series of tests and write up. This is the next item on the list of things to do. The sling. The original one were what ever the Germans had. They were run through a ring on the front attachment and nailed to the butt stock. These are pictures of the three different types of materials and colors that I have access to.

Number 1:

DSC_4648csNumber 2


Number 3DSC_4652cs

All three together.DSC_4654cs

I am letting all of you decide. Which material  and color. I could also use an idea on how to attach the sling to the butt stock. I don’t feel that nailing is a real good solution but I want it as close to the original as possible.

Thanks for your help.


Sorry no post for today. Worked and got home at 10.45 pm and have to leave at 5am tomorrow. Going to bed. I will try and post tomorrow.

Welcome to the Library

A while back I read a post at one blogs that I go to everyday and he was chatting about his library. So I thought I would go into a little more detail about Gun Labs reference library. This last weekend in the update I showed a picture of the new file cabinets that I got for storing documentation. I thought I would post a few picture of the complete library. Keep in mind that not only do I study about guns but I have number of different interests as well. I enjoy metal working, wood working, metal casting and forging, alternative energy, and jewelery making. Kind of an odd grouping, but not really. The truth is that I like to work with my hands and make things. So here goes the library pictures. I really need one big building for my library but it is not in the works just yet.

These are the two book cases in the living room and where I keep the books that I go to every day.


behind my chair.

IMG_0092csIn the gun room.




IMG_0095csCurrent project that my wife is working on for me.


IMG_0097sIn the clean room. These are machining and die making books.

IMG_0098sCatalogs and manuals


In one of the storage rooms. Most of these are all gun magazines



IMG_0101csIn the second storage room.



IMG_0105sIn the well room.



In my office.


At my desk

IMG_0110sAn up coming post I am working on.

IMG_0107sMore boxes to go through.


By the bed on current projects.


In addition to this I have 3 2 terabit hard drives that are almost full of gun stuff.

The current library is approximately 3500 hundred books and magazines. I really want a dedicated library building.

It is hard to believe that I called the visiting nurses association to come pick up 7 car loads of books a few years ago.