My birthday day off.

For my Birthday my wife took me to the Samurai armor display at the Phoenix Art Museum. It was a great way to spend the day. The detail of the work that they accomplished is nothing short of amazing.

As long as you did not use a flash taking pictures was not a problem. There was not a great deal of weapons, but the armor is something to admire.

This will be a multi part post as I took a number of pictures.

Here are a few of the full sets of armor that was on display.








IMG_2940csIt was a fun afternoon with my wife looking at some very interesting Japanese armor.


Webley 22lr pistol

A webley Mk 4 in 22lr. I am not sure the date that these were made,but it would have to be post WW2.

Looking at the pictures you can see that the pistol grip is shortened and the cylinder is modified.

The right side view.

IMG_2647A left side view.






IMG_2654sSome of the markings on the pistol.



IMG_2659sA nice addition to any Webley collection.

22 belt fed fun gun

Gordie K. ,a friend of gun lab, sent some pictures of a little belt fed fun gun he has made. The upper receiver is a Lakeside machine razor back upper.

DSCN0141[1]The butt stock is a sterling sub-machine gun which folds up and latches just like the original.



A pistol grip from a MG-42. The lower receiver machined block of steel.

DSCN0142[1]A barrel jacket from a PPSh 41

DSCN0144[1]The action is like a miniature 1919.



This just looks like fun.

Sunday answer

Thanks to 7_92x57   he has posted an add from the old Parker-Hall company.

A couple of views of it on the rifle.


DSC_6348-csA side view of it mounted

DSC_6346-csAs seen from the rear of the rifle

DSC_6350-csMany thanks to John and Dave for this accessory.

Sorry for the delay in putting up this post.


Memorial day

Lest we not forget the reason of this holiday.

This video was made by Randy Wright.

What is it Saturday 5-27-17

Another interesting nick knack.

DSC_5775s DSC_5776s DSC_5777s

More on the CNC router

The making of the new Z axis.

Starting with the solid models. You can see the entire assembly. Front and


z-axis rev1 3

z-axis rev1 4This solid model shows the changes that we have made.

z-axis explode 3Pins to maintain alignment, lower bearing for the screw support.

z-axis explode 5

z-axis explode 6The new upper housing

z-axis explode 7

z-axis explode 2Now on to the actual nuts and bolts.

DSC_5219sThe entire assembly was taken apart.

DSC_5222sThe new lower support plate with the lower bearing installed.



DSC_5221sHoles for pins as well as the bolts holding it together.


IMG_0425sA close up of the positioning pins.


IMG_0421sA quick video tour of the cnc router z axis.

Weekend update 5-21-17

I spent most of the weekend in the fab shop trying to clean up some small projects. With the temperature at the century mark there was no fun working in the sun.

I obtain another bead blaster from a friend.

IMG_2532sThis required me to run a new air system over to it.

IMG_2531sI then started on adding new plugs for my work table and metal table.



Then it was time to mount a vise at the work table.


I started changing out the fittings on the hydraulic power pack.


This is to allow me to change the hoses to run either the fluting press or the hot forging press with the same unit. Eventually I hope to have a separate power pack for the forging press.IMG_2537sI also welded on hose supports.

I demo out some cabinets this last week so they were mounted. This is to allow extra storage.

IMG_2543sBrought the rollers in and did the drawings for the steel support for the band saw.

IMG_2544sThe last weekend project was to cut the pipe for a welding and brazing rod holder. I will clean them up with the bead blaster and then weld it up.

IMG_2546sA quick video.








Sunday answer 5-21-17

The answer is that it is a low light front sight for a Lewis light machine gun.

One of my favorite machine guns. The Lewis machine gun.

DSC_6022sThe front sight of a Lewis machine gun

DSC_6023sIt clamps around the front sight

DSC_6024sAs seen from the rear of the weapon


What is it Saturday

It has been a while since I have posted a what is it Saturday post.

This is an interesting one.

DSC_5781cs DSC_5782cs DSC_5783cs DSC_5779s DSC_5780csGood guessing