More on the new Library/ wood shop part 1

The story behind the Library and wood shop changes started with the termite issues and has grown into some serious changes. My initial idea was to do a series of videos showing the scope of the work but that would take weeks to edit and it would take away from all the other projects going on here at gun lab. Instead I will show  a photo expo and the steps taken to accomplish all the work.

Initially my wood shop looked like this.

DSC_4616ssNot any more.

Now for the rest of the story.

This area is the covered walk way around the wood shop. The walls had damage as did the upstairs deck. the deck was replace with 2×10’s and 1″ decking.

DSC_9099sThe walk way was framed in and sealed. The windows were removed and framed in.



The original outside covering was removed and recovered with OSB and then sheet rock.


DSC_9662sOnce it was painted it was time to move the hardware store over. Again this was no small task.


DSC_9187sWe had everything from plumbing fittings to nails and screws in there. It would have made an ACE Hardware store jealous.

IMG_5489sWe are still working on organizing it but currently it is about 70% completed.

The continuing story coming, Part 2 soon.





VG1-5 update 8-19-18

It has been a while since I have posted an up-date on the VG1-5 project.

The fire control groups have all been assembled and tested. The top covers have been fitted to the rifles. Here are a few pictures of the rifles getting ready for the next operation.




IMG_6102sA quick video

Update on the VG1-5 The new trigger guard

With mainly doing the hand fitting on the rifle we are correcting a few problems that have come up. This issue is the trigger guard. The original design that we had did not have the correct look and was actually to close to the trigger it self.

The solid models for the new design trigger guard.


2After shearing to the proper width and the guide pin holes drilled in.

IMG_5451sThe first style trigger guard. This was all wrong and also left no room for the trigger.

IMG_5505sThe second style increased the space for the trigger, but the angle of the stock lower support was incorrect and the lower stock support was now to short.

IMG_5506sThe shape and the diameter looks a great deal better with this new design.

IMG_5507sThere was a great deal of stretching with the single hole design

IMG_5508sWe went from a single hole design to a two hole design that later will be machined off and a single rivet hole installed.

IMG_5509sThe series of design changes to the trigger guard

IMG_5504sAfter the first couple of ops.

IMG_5498sAfter the second pressing


IMG_5522sThe older style trigger guard required a great deal of work to fit up and the angle was still not correct.  Neither was the actual diameter size.

IMG_5525sHow the new design trigger guard fits


A video of the process.

The loss of another great guy

I am sad to announce the passing of R. Blake Stevens.

I have known Blake for over 30 years. It was his great books that open the world to collectors the world over. He will be missed.

The never ending Library and termite project

It has been a couple of weeks with out a library update so here goes.

The stucco has been stripped off of the walls

DSC_9099sThe windows have been removed from the wood shop.

IMG_5255sAll the new framing is complete. The door to the old store room has been removed.

IMG_5254sThe damaged caused by the termites to the 2×4 stud wall

IMG_5263smore damage

IMG_5266sThe insulation is now upon the ceiling.

DSC_9520sAnd on the walls

DSC_9521sSheet rock was then next.


DSC_9569sThe new pocket door was installed between the new hardware store and the library

DSC_9659sEverything has been tapped and coated with mud.


DSC_9661sThe termites have gotten into the maple flooring.

DSC_9401sStarted stripping out the maple flooring.

DSC_9655sStill not done removing the flooring but a big pile of scrap flooring.

DSC_9654sMore to come.

Webley Mk 6 22

Another post on Webley revolvers. This is a 22 version of the Webley Mk 6. According to the book “The Webley Story” this pistol was built as a target pistol for training and practice on short distance ranges.


DSC_9468sclose up of the cylinder

DSC_9469sMarkings on the top strap


DSC_9466sThe Webley logo

DSC_9463sIf anyone has any pictures of Webleys they would like to share please contact me.

New addition to the Webley collection

I just picked up a Webley patent Mark 3 revolver in .320. It was made by H. Adkin and sons in Bedford.




DSC_9439csYou can see that the firing pin is not connected to the hammer but is enclosed in the frame.

DSC_9440csThe .320 Also known as the .320 European or .320 Bulldog‘ The 32 short Colt revolver round is based upon this cartridge.

Once again the weekend is over and I am still not finished

The third coat of epoxy was put down on the floor but not until I removed the epoxy from the joints and cleaned them and then filled them in, should have done this first.



We started to move the boxes of books to the the racks and get them off the rolling book cases.


DSC_9309sJust the start of the book moving fun

DSC_9311sThat is not even all the books from the rolling book case.

The stucco was removed from around the door and the old walk way.

DSC_9307sAll the way down the hall

DSC_9303sThen the plywood was removed to inspect the termite damage.

DSC_9325sOn both sides

DSC_9324sThe framing was completed and the door moved.

DSC_9326sStarted working on the outside protective coating prior to putting up the stucco again.

DSC_9313sJust ran out of time. It will be finished this next weekend.

DSC_9315sThe upstairs deck did get coated with a water proof coating


DSC_9316sPart of this complete transformation is to move the hardware store and convert that room and the well room as a wood shop addition.

All the iron fittings were removed


and moved to the electrical roomDSC_9196s


The old book case was the removed

DSC_9323sThe copper fittings were also moved to the electrical room.

DSC_9187sThere new home

DSC_9194sThe electrical room as it stands now.

DSC_9198sThis was my weekend, well that and working on the cnc router. Tomorrows post


The cane gun

Steve J. , a friend of gun lab, brought over a few of his toys to show and allow me to photograph.

This is a French 32short S&W cane gun.

DSC_9133cYou can see the button that is the trigger

DSC_9136sThe actual fire control and handle part.

DSC_9141sA good shot of the firing pin and stop.

DSC_9143sThe threaded end of the barrel.

DSC_9145sThe tip of the cane to keep the barrel covered.

DSC_9138sYou can see the spring clip that keeps the cane tip secure.

DSC_9139sclose up of the cane tip

DSC_9140sIt also acts as the extractor


DSC_9149sThe tips are used to pull out the cartridge from the barrel.

DSC_9146sWhat is really interesting is that the barrel is also smooth bore.

The Ermawerke Carbine

A little while back a very interesting box showed up at the house.

IMG_4971sAnd in it was another box.

IMG_4973sBut then when it was open you could see that there was plastic wrapped goodies.

IMG_4974sThen like magic when the wrapping came off you could see something very interesting. First one.

IMG_4975sThen another.

IMG_4977sAnd when all the bundles of plastic were open there were 9.

IMG_4978sThey are setting at home in the gun room until John decides what and where he wants me to send them, in April.

IMG_4985sThere is even the ultra rare sniper version.

DSC_8655sMore to come.