The other projects at Gun Lab

I did a little slipping in the machine gun shot video about one of the projects that we are also working on. That is the Gerat 06. There was only 4 of these weapons ever made before the Germans shifted to the STg45 instead. We are planning on doing 14 of them.

pattern room 270csThe other rifle that is also on the production line is the Gerat 05. This was a concept rifle only as no were ever made. This rifle is the only copy of one and I like it so much that I decided to do a run of 60 of them.

8-13-06a 091acsThis is a picture of me shooting it.DSCN0076aaAnd a close up of it.

8-13-06a 093csBoth of these rifles are gas operated roller lock design. the little wood stocked one is pattern after the Gerat 03 that was made in 7.92x57mm. Both of these rifles are in 7.92×33 kurtz. Both rifles take the standard stg magazine as well as the 10 round ones that we make.

So as we are finishing up the VG1-5 I will also start posting about both of these weapons. Until next time.

Video from the machine gun shoot.

I have finally managed to complete a basic video from the machine gun shoot.Now it is back to work for me.


What I did last weekend

I know, I know. I should have chained myself to the milling machine or the lathe and work through the weekend like I normally do, instead I went out and had some fun.My son, wife and I went to a local machine and cannon shoot and had a great time. I am working on a video to show all the fun we had. As a teaser I shot and played with the following toys.MG-42, MG-34, Gatling gun, 13.7 Japanese machine gun, 50mm Krupp cannon, full auto Fal, Bren, STg-44, 1950 madsen smg, pps 43, and 30 or 40 other weapons that slip my mind. Video to follow.

Up date on the project.

Here at Gun Lab. net we have been working on a number of projects. Quite a few videos have been made and as soon as I can get Ian down to help me correct the problems with Pinnacle studio they will be posted. Some of the projects are new stamping dies for various parts that have to be made and a number of them are the actual parts that are now completed.

I thought I would give you an up date on theĀ  rifle that we are currently working on. IMG_0006csThis next batch of pictures deals with all the parts that have been made and the various stages that they are in.

IMG_0962sAll the rear barrel supports are completed.

IMG_0991sAll the hammers are machined but not heat treated.

IMG_0953sThe cross pin for the rear barrel support is machined and threaded.

IMG_0966sAll the front barrel supports are 90% machined. the retaining notch needs to be cut and that will be done after all the upper receivers have been machined.

IMG_0951sIMG_0952sMisc cross pieces and been cut and stamped.

IMG_0988sThe gas pistons are machined. We just received the tap in this week. We will have it threaded this coning week.

IMG_0943cAll the rear sights are machined.

IMG_0947sAll the extractors are here, we are using H&K extractors as they are the same basic style.

IMG_0957sAll the extra extractor springs are here, again H&K.

IMG_0968sIMG_0970sAll the rear top covers have gone through the first stamping op and 20 or so have been completed.

IMG_0974sAll the end caps for the rear top cover have been cut out,

IMG_0975sAll the barrel blanks are here. We are using MG-13 barrels are our basic blank. No they are not rusted just covered with grease and dirt.

IMG_1012csIMG_1014sThe receivers have been stamped.

IMG_0944sMag catches are complete. The button and post are in the works.IMG_0949sThe triggers are completed and heat treated.

IMG_0945sThe front barrel support take down spring are finished.

IMG_0948The buffer springs are here as well.

IMG_1001sIMG_1000sAll the upper receivers are cut to length and turned to the proper diameter. And the first 10 are turn on the inside. Only one has been completed and fully machined. This our test and fit sample.

IMG_0963sThe mag housings are completed.

IMG_1073sThe upper receiver guides are machined.

IMG_0960sIMG_0958sThe test batch of the newly design primary and secondary sear and the new disconnector.

IMG_0977sThe new fire control group housing is now design and ready for testing.

IMG_0954sAll the strengthening plats are cut out and ready for bending.

IMG_0956sThe newly design receiver support has been cut out, bent and tested for proper fit.


All the safety’s are cut out and just need to be bent.


I have more pictures to take for the rest of the parts that are completed. I will update soon.




Time at the big press

Today is pressing day. We received the flats back from the water jet people and they look great.

IMG_0856cA second picture of the pile.

IMG_0861cSo out to work to get this project back on schedule.

IMG_0878cThe first package is complete and on to the rest.

IMG_0880cThe second package is now complete. It takes 5 hits from my big press to do a single top cover.

IMG_0882cThis is it looks like after this op.

IMG_0883cAlmost done. Just one package left to complete.IMG_0884cWell it is done. I have found the flat that I’ve been looking for all day. And would you not know it but it was hiding on the bottom of the stack. So this is the little sneaky one.

IMG_0889cHere are a few pictures of the operation. The first is the flat in the die and centered.

IMG_0890cThis next picture is as the die starts to close.

IMG_0891cThis next photo is the die fully closed and the pressing complete.IMG_0892cThis one is what it looks like after opening the die.

IMG_0894cNow for the picture you have been waiting for. The final flat stamped. Front and back.

IMG_0895c IMG_0896cThis is a photo of all the flats pressed. I hope you enjoyed the day at Gun Lab I will chat with you soon.IMG_0898c



6th op on the front barrel support.

By now I am sure you are wondering when will this front barrel support be done. Come on and lets make something else. Well, not quite yet. This is the last operation that will be completed on the cnc lathe.

Now the last step after this is the knurling and then machining the notch for the locking spring.

Update for the week ending 2-1-14

So we will start with the update on the VG1-5 project. I stamped the rear top covers.Out of the 10 that were stamped.third flat style (4)s

We found a few problems. I had to re-stamp the parts due to not getting the ribs deep enough.

IMG_0717swThis is a close up of the stamping.



Once I re stamped them they looked good for the next step. This showed us that we need to change the basic design again. I hope to have those flats this next week. It should be the last change. Once verified I will stamp all of them. I will be glade to finish these parts. I need to get on to other parts that need stamping. This is a quick picture of the top cover installed on our prototype rifle.




On to other things completed this week/weekend. We have made a new machining fixture for the hammers. The previous one had tolerance issues. We also have to re-ream the pivot hole on the hammers. They were undersized. Not a big set back, just another day reworking parts. To allow us to re-ream the hole we are using a real basic fixture that has been dialed in on the Webb mill. A pile of hammers to re-work.

IMG_0210sThis is the set up.

IMG_0741sBy using the round part of the hammer in the v portion of the vise and the flat of the hammer against the solid vise jaw I can get repeatably. This vise will set inside my kurt viseĀ  be zeroed in.

More work was completed on the fab shop. I have finished the windows and outside of the wall.


The inside which will also be covered with osb is about 50% completed.


I finished the frame for the evap cooler and hope to have it up and running before the summer season.


The Type 99 female die.

Now that the male die is complete, with only de-burring left to do, it is time to start on the female dies.IMG_0554s

As with the male die it starts out as a large block of steel.

IMG_0545sWith this die we made it in three parts. This allowed us to machine areas that would be very completed.

IMG_0591sAt this point you will notice the alignment pin holes between the upper and lower dies.

IMG_0596swAfter the lower die is completed a backing plate was made and then ground to hold the completed die together.

IMG_0655sThis is the completed die attached to the plate.



IMG_0668csWith this step completed we will be drilling the holes for attachment to the die plate. That will be this weekend. I will post about that when completed.


Moving die plates

Will Cushman asked how we moved the die plates around the shop. If my shop was in a single building or even on a the same level it would be a great deal easier.

To move the dies from under the bench to the top of the bench to work on them I use a home made swing arm with a harbor freight electric hoist.IMG_0671s

To move them to the mill or the truck we use a foot operated lift.

IMG_0669sNow to get them to the press I use a 3/4 ton cheve with a hydraulic lift gate. The key here is the lift gate. It allows me to adjust the height. This is important due to all the different heights I have to deal with at the different shops.


Now we off load at the fab shop and onto a working die press moveable bench.


From here I can adjust the height of the table to match the press and slide it into the press.


All the tooling and raw unstamped stock is on the moveable parts table.



Hope this answers all your questions. Chat with you soon.


The end of the weekend

Sunday night and the shop is shutdown, the machines are cleaned and the computers are off. Not a bad weekend. My next door neighbor with the help of my son finished his program and got his parts made on the webb.IMG_0707sHe completed 6 of these. David finally got the bugs worked out of his program and completed the prototype.



Me, I did my pressings to test the new design for the rear top cover.third flat style (2)sThis is what it started out as.

third flat style (1)sAll 9 that were stamped.

third flat style (4)sFrom here the stampings will be bent, formed and welded to complete the rear top cover. With any luck this will be the correct dimension.