The book “Fabricacion De Fusiles”

A while back I was able to obtain a few books that I did not have in the reference library. I have a thing about not only gun books but also machining and manufacturing books. So what could be better then a book about manufacturing guns. This book was written in 1899 and is about the making of the Mauser rifle in Spain. It is not the complete set of books dealing with the manufacturing of the rifle just the pictorial reference of the tooling and machinery necessary to make it. Generally the rest of the set would be the step by step operation as well as a set of drawings.

In the book ” Argentine Mauser Rifles 1871-1959″ in chapter 24 you can see what the rest of the set would look like.

indexThis is one of those books you should have in your library and can be gotten off of Amazon, here is the link,

Another book that actually deals with the Springfield rifle is “Manufacture of the Model 1903 Springfield service rifle”.


Also available from Amazon.

This is the book that I just picked up.

DSC_9466sBasically this book is the pictorial reference to the machines and tooling necessary to make the Mauser rifle.

DSC_9473sc1The dimension on the drawings are for the fixture sizes.

DSC_9468c1sMost of the pages deal with line drawings of what the tool, fixture or machine would look like.


Even down to the type of cutters you would use.


It is  an interesting reference in the building of the Mauser rifle.



3D Printer

After seeing what Orin, a friend of gun lab, was able to accomplish with his printer I decided to take the plunge and obtain one for myself. I had previously look at this same model of printer a couple of years ago, however at 2500.00 it was out of my price range. At a cost of 270.00 plus shipping it was now in my price range and cheaper then the build it yourself models. Is it perfect no, but it does make a nice product.

It came package in a big heavy duty cardboard box.


With lots of great packing inside.


And with more boxes inside to hold the misc items.


Yet will all this careful packing some of the plastic parts were broke.

DSC_9379csSaturday and part of Sunday morning was use to make new aluminum replacement parts. A quick drawing was made in solid works and it was out to the manual mill to make them.


Now this is a simple part to make , the base took a little more effort. It actually took longer then it was suppose to because I lost the first set I made. We spent a couple of hours this morning looking for them. So I now have spares when I find them.

The first action was to make a new base and install it.


In the process of doing that I managed to break another plastic part. It was not worth using any of the plastic components so everything was re-made into aluminum.


DSC_9385sI am now back on track to getting the printer to work.

Chile contract type 92 HMG

A while back I was able to snap a few pictures of an interesting contract heavy machine gun made for Chile. It is basically a Japanese type 92 in 7×57 Mauser. sorry about this fist photograph, bad lighting.



IMG_0142cclose up of the top cover





IMG_0145cAn interesting piece.

These photo’s were taken at Reed Knight’s collection.

CNC router update

Some work was accomplished on the CNC router over this long weekend. The angle bracket was machined for all the connectors to attach to. I was going to wire the plugs up but found out that the wire we have is not the correct type, it is on order no for next weekend.

Here are the pictures of the angle bracket that was made.




Just as a reminder this is where it will set on the side panel of the cnc router.

router table4


Beretta AR-70 magazine modifications

A couple of years ago I bought a Beretta AR-70 rifle for the reference collection. This was before the availability of replacement magazines for the rifle. Because of the total lack of spare magazines in this country people came up with ingenious ideas to modify existing magazines to allow them to shoot there rifles. I find it interesting to see how they did the modification. You never know about the future and what it holds for available magazines.

For those of you that may not know what an AR-70 rifle is, here are a couple of pictures of the weapon.




When I bought my rifle it came with a modified AR-15 magazine. So this is my first example of magazine modification.

What was done was to weld a piece of aluminum to the front and side of the magazine. Then they attached a locking notch on the rear of the magazine. The strip that was weld on the front allowed for positioning the magazine in the front of the magazine well for proper feeding. This was had fitted after it was welded on.


DSC_9363csA couple of close up pictures of the conversion. You will notice that the side spacer was welded on one side one. Even doing this the magazine worked correctly.


DSC_9368csYou can also see that no magazine stops are present on the side of the magazine.


Later I was able to obtain original rifle magazines. This is what an original AR-70 magazine looks like.


DSC_9325csThis close up shows the magazine stops and what the magazine latch block looks like.

DSC_9326csA close up review of this magazine shows four components for the  magazine body. The right and left sides of the body, the wrap around upper support assembly with the feed lips incorporated into it as well as the stops that are pressed in. The final part that was added was the magazine latch block of the rear of the magazine.


Pete, a friend of Gun Lab, sent this AR-15 magazine modification. This is a very nicely done conversion. It allows the magazine, with a bit of work, to be converted back to its original design. What was done with this magazine was to make a sheet metal housing to fit around the original AR-15 magazine to allow it to fit and operate in an AR-70 magazine housing.


DSC_9333csYou can see in this picture that the housing was hand fitted to the rifle.



DSC_9351csYou will notice that with the fitted housing that the front of the sheet metal has been machined away to allow proper fit into the rifle as well as allowing for proper lock up in the front of the magazine well.



Here are a couple of pictures showing all the magazines together for a better overall understanding.



DSC_9349csAs with all magazines that had been modified for use there is a certain amount of hand fitting that goes with the project.




Memorial Day

Having served for ten years this is one of the Holidays that I respect the most. During my time in I had lost friends that I went to high school with. There names will forever be on the wall. Please take the time today to say a prayer for those that have served and are not here and will never be here again, except in our thoughts, to enjoy this day with friends and family. And for those that are serving.

I still remember the heart break of leaving and the joy of coming home.

I feel that the best we have in this country are the men and woman that stand up to say that they too will serve. I just wish we would not send them to useless wars to be killed or maimed.

I saw this video and just wanted to share it with you.


Have a fun and safe holiday.


Rare Carcano rifle

In my youth I had the opportunity to look at and take a couple of pictures of a very rare Carcano rifle.  Judging on the way I look, with hair and all and not that many wrinkles, these pictures were taken 35 years ago or so.  It is not often that you get to see something as rare as this and I wish I would have taken a few more pictures. This is a Moschetto Model 1891 (carbine)



scan0004_Page_04c2smallA view of the top of the rifle

scan0004_Page_04c2c2Close up of the receiver area

scan0004_Page_04c2c1Another view of the receiver

scan0004_Page_04c1c2The crest in the side of the stock



3d printer and the Remington Hepburn

A couple of years ago I bought a Remington Hepburn rifle That was in very poor condition. I happen to like this style of action and wanted to reverse engineer it and make a new rifle. Orin, a friend of gun lab, also has an interest in this rifle and making one. I bought a set of prints from ASSRA as a starting point and started making a solid model of the rifle in solid works. When I finished my part I sent the drawings and all the components to Orin where he finished the drawings. The project has set as we still needed a few critical dimensions. Well then I get the word from Orin that he has bought a 3d printer and he has printed out the receiver and a cut away of it as well. This is that story.

This is the printer that he bought.

IMG_0883sAfter 3 hours of printing

IMG_0879sAfter 5 hours and 20 minutes

IMG_0877csAfter 9hours and 15 minutes the receiver is complete.

IMG_0875sThree views of the receiver after printing is complete.



IMG_0871sThe computer solid model as it looks prior to printing.

Hupburn Build 2The cut away model and some of the internal parts to allow testing of the model.


This is a video of the process and progress of this project.

Update on the CNC Router

More work and re-design work has been done on the cnc router. The side panels were original design to be plastic with the three fans installed. Through all the design phases that we have gone through we found that plastic will not work as the proper material. Here is a picture with the plastic side panels on one side.

DSC_8904s DSC_8906s

A close up of the plastic panel with the fans on it.


On of the problems is the lack of room on the panel after the fans are install and then trying to install the connector panel.


The new design takes off the corner supports as we are going to an all aluminum panel and doing a different layout of the panel.

router table4You can see that we have placed all the fans horizontally with the plug in panel next to it. The only item missing from this model is the power input plug.

This is a view of the inside of the compartment showing the other side of the plug in strip.

router table3A couple of views of the assembly attached to the table.

router table2

router table1 A little more design work to be done and then it is one to putting it all together.


No post more computer problems

Once again I am plagued with computer issues and Windows 10, may a thousands camels shit in the mouths of the designers of this software. The hard drive issue has been fixed with a new cable and a totally different hard drive. Now the videos that I have been working on in Pinnacle Studio 19 ultimate will not save. I can edit and work on them, which I did for several hours, then when you go to save them you get an error and everything is lost. I went back to the old computer and bought another copy of pinnacle but the down load took most of the night. Hope to be back at it tonight.