Just wanted to share a beautiful morning

It is the start of another beautiful day today.

sThis is the view from my front door.

For those of you living in big European cities.

Time in the fab shop

I did manage to work on a couple of other projects other then the Library. I spent some time working on the new little single burner forge and table.

The old forge.

DSC_8912sThe new and old ones together.

DSC_8913sThe new burner

DSC_8914sA little video about the progress

The new library part 5

I understand that people are tried of seeing posts on my new library, however it has taken over a great deal of my time so that is what I get to chat about.

When removing the decking what was thought of as only wood rot also turned out to be termites as well. To confirm the actual amount of damage we removed the stucco for the area of the library expansion.



There is a serious termite issue. One that will be address before completion.

The rest of the old decking was removed.


DSC_9016sNew floor joists were installed and new 1″ plywood added.




IMG_5072sAs with all projects there were a few set backs.It started raining on Saturday, so then tarps had to be hung to prevent the new decking from getting wet.

IMG_5096sBoth Saturday and Sunday the deck was worked on. By Sunday evening the first two walls were up and the a small start on the third wall.



IMG_5095sIt is amazing how these projects take on a life of there own. A quick video of the progress.






The new library part 4

Saturday was spent working on the deck for phase 2 of the library. All new 2×10’s were set in place and 1″ tongue and grove plywood set in place.




IMG_5072sWith the deck in place there are a couple of small issues that need to be address then the walls for the porch and phase 2 of the library will be built.

The new library floor was acid etched. The next step is to per-treat the floor for the epoxy coating.

Very good video on a carbon fiber stock coat

I came across this video by accent. It is a good video on doing a carbon fiber wrap on a rifle stock.

The New Library part 3

So with the main library getting closer to completion phase 2 has started. The main library has had the outside walls coated as well as the roof.



All the sheet rock is up and painted. The concrete floor has been stripped and de-greased.  The last two steps require a 24 wait period between applications.


The final step is to acid etch the concrete in preparation to epoxy coating the floor.

So the second phase has started. The library will also encompass part of the lower deck under the guest house sun patio. It has been on the project list to redo the deck. The lumber has a great deal of water damage and needed to be replaced.


IMG_5013sAfter the marine grade plywood has been removed

IMG_5015sA close up of the damage area.


IMG_5018sA view from the underside.

IMG_5019sAll the 2×4’s removed

IMG_5022sAll the 2×8’s removed.



IMG_5030sNext weekend will be the start of re-installing the deck and floor.



The Library part2

Work on the library has started in earnest. The worst thing about the Library build is that the back hoe broke and everything had to be accomplished by hand.

The footer was dug and poured by had using my mixer. The framing was built and then the stem wall was poured.

DSC_4799sReady for concrete for the stem walls

DSC_4800sTermite tubes are installed.

IMG_3825sAdding dirt and starting compacting. A regular compactor was rented and used. As a side note all the dirt was dug by hand and moved over by wheel barrel.

IMG_3824sThe dirt is compacted and the rebar is in place ready for concrete


IMG_3969sThe concrete is down


IMG_4223sMore framing

IMG_4224sAll the interior sheeting is up

DSC_8130sJust about finished with the sheet rock

IMG_4880sThe walls are now painted

IMG_4955sThe inside and out side walls are covered with osb. The outside walls are covered with an epoxy membrane More to come.

Nepalese Enfield

I am starting back with a weekly post of guns from the reference collection. I hope you enjoy them.

This is a Nepalese Enfield rifle.






DSC_8604scThis rifle has now gone to the Pattern Room to be added to there permanent collection.

The new Library Part 1

Step one of this whole process was to build a new store room so I could move and organize the old store room which would then be part of the new library building, confused yet I am.

The old store room was a disaster and something need to be done.


IMG_4199sA slab was put down.

IMG_4114s Then the framing was started.


IMG_4148sAnd finished.

IMG_4204sPrior to stucco the building was coated with a water proof membrane.



The electric was added for lighting.

IMG_4218sA final coating was completed.


Then the racks installed and everything gone through and moved over.

IMG_4227s  Here is a short video clip.


Rick and the SA80 project

Rick at has started a new and interesting project. He has taken on converting a gas operated air soft gun to a shooting rifle. This is a complex project where he is using some AR-180 parts, some SAR 80 parts and making a number of the smaller parts. I wish him luck in his endeavor.

You can follow his progress here: