More on the type 63 Chinese rifle

I kind of like the look of the type 63 rifle and a goal is to eventually make a semi-auto ATFE legal one for my self.

chinese3It really has a nice look to it.

chinese2A couple of close ups.


chinese5These last 4 photos were pulled from the internet.

So I have had a quest for the last 15 years or so to obtain type 63 parts. Not the easiest task. This last week I was able to obtain a few more parts for the type 63 Chinese rifle.

My stock as it sets now is:

8 barrels.

DSC_8512csSeven complete bolts.

DSC_8518csMore then enough top covers. Interesting that there were two different upper hand guard designs. I still need to make some more recoil spring brackets.

DSC_8519cs8 fire control groups

DSC_8521csI have enough front hand guard sheet metal pieces as well as gas pistons and locking pins.

DSC_8515csSks bayonets and springs and latch mechanism. The bayonets need to be re-ground and shortened but will work. I am going to cut off the latch mechanism on the sks and weld on a type 63 mechanism.

DSC_8516csI have 2 stocks and a stock duplicator. I can make the rest of the stocks I need.

DSC_8524csA great little piece of a cut off end of a type 63 barrel. I will have solid models of both of these parts soon.

DSC_8522csA close up of the type 63 lock up and the sks lock up on the bayonet lug.

DSC_8436csThis is a Chinese folding bayonet for the AK-47. This is still available even if it is quite expensive. I will order one this next week to have to use as a pattern.

DSC_8477csA view of the gas block,rear sight base and gas system, this one is missing the gas tube. I do have 2 gas tubes to use as patterns.

DSC_8429csA close up of the gas block

DSC_8471csI am hoping that one of the readers of this happens to know of or own a type 63 and can take me some detailed pictures of the receiver of the rifle, hopefully with some basic measurements. I could also use some pictures of the gas block with measurements. With any luck I will be going to England this summer and have an opportunity to look at one at the pattern room.

This will be a project in the future.

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