GunLab is Back: The VG1-5 Project

Gun Lab is now back into full swing. The objects are still the same. That is discussing the design, prototyping and the building of small arms, their parts and accessories.

The first project is the Gustoff Volkssturmgewehr, model MP-507, and commonly called the VG1-5 in the states. This rifle was designed at the end of World War 2 by the German arms manufacturers and was to be issued to the home guard. For a detailed overview you should read Desperate Measures – The Last-Ditch Weapons of the Nazi Volkssturm published by Collector Grade Publications.

I have always wanted one of these rifles, however with a price tag of $35k to $53k it is way past my budget. So it is time to build one or at least a facsimile of one.

The first hurdle was to design a new fire control system – the original design is nightmarish to make, and still not change the overall appearance of the  rifle.

This is the solid model concept drawing of the fire control mechanism. This model allows me to look at part size and relationship.

New VG1-5 Cutaway

Cutaway view including new FCG (click to enlarge)

New VG1-5 left side

New VG1-5 right side

VG1-5 exploded view

VG1-5 exploded view (original Gustloff FCG design)


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