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This is an answer to a friends question about a particular project.

It is good to always keep checking with me. Things can get a little hectic around here. This is the status of the projects here.

1) the MP-44 trunnions test pieces have been completed and sent to the buyer. A few changes need to be made and we are correcting the drawings now.A post coming up about that next.

2) I hope to have the parts to fix the wire edm in this week and have it back up and getting it operational, this is for the mag wells on the AR-10.

3) we are finishing the tooling for the VG1-5 project so spot welding can go on in mass next week. While on the subject of the VG1-5 a new trigger guard stamping die has to be made, to look more like the original one. Still waiting for the heat treated parts to come back. The parkerizing set up is ready to start parking parts.

4) The cetme receiver has been solid modeled and the stamping dies are currently modeled as well, need to finish up the final oddities.

6) The AR-10 lower receiver has been modeled and half of it has been programmed to machine.; The work on the AR-10 lower will start again as soon as I can get the VG1-5 off of the HAAS machining center, need to change all the tooling out to aluminum cutters.
7) The AR-180b upper receiver stamping dies are 98% complete and hope to have them finished tomorrow. We are still waiting for the parts to come back from heat treat for this as well. Then we will start parkerizing them also.
So far That is about it. I am still working on the cnc router, made a new panel this weekend.

11 comments to Gun Lab update

  • Joshua

    Hey Chuck,
    Would you do some Lee-Enfield chargers? if they could be done for less than a dollar a charger I would buy 200 of them guaranteed no question.
    we seem to be running out of reliable sources for them at less than $4 a charger

  • Charles Foster

    I would sure be interested when you will start production of the Japanese Type 99 magazines? You built such nice dies.

    • Chuck

      I had to return the magazine. I just found another one to complete work on the die design. I will be back to this project as soon as my plate has a little removed from it.

  • Dave

    Probably was mentioned somewhere, but I’d just like to clarify, you’re working on CETME L Receivers/Flats? Would these be available for purchase in the future? I’m sitting on three kits and bbls from Apex and, after seeing Ian’s review on the Prexis Flats, I’d be quite interested in some quality-made parts!

    • Chuck

      We are working on the Cetme L flats. The solid models are completed and we are currently working on the die design. As of 8-22 we have design the complete lower press die and about 80% on the upper press die design. We just finished the AR-180b upper press tool today and we will be getting it on the press soon.

      • Dave

        Excellent! I’ll be watching your progress with interest and would be certainly be in for three or more flats/receivers for my CETME Kits.

  • Michael

    What other parts are you gonna try to make for the AR-180. Been having my eyes on one but they’re hard to find.

    • Chuck

      We are doing the upper receiver, trunnion, bolt carrier, have had bolts made,and some fire control parts for the AR-180b. Nodak spud is making the lower receiver.

  • Hunter

    Wondering about the CEMTE L receivers, and if you’ll have 100% ones for my kit from apex. If so can I still purchases these from anywhere?

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