Full auto pistols prototypes part 1

In the world of full auto pistols some stand out a great deal. The Mauser Schnellfeuer is probably the most famous.


Following it are the Russian Stechkin.


Then the Astra model 904 and a variety of Star pistols.

This is one of the many prototypes that has been made over the years that actually never went past a single model. I had the opportunity to examine and photograph this weapon a few years back.

A right hand view

visser 097csLeft hand view

visser 096csMoving the front grip down converted it to full auto

visser 098cs

visser 099csA view of the pistol and magazine.

visser 100csClose up of the magazine

visser 101csThe back of the magazine

visser 102csThe things I remember most about this pistol is how heavy it was and how uncomfortable the grip felt.


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