AR-10 handguard

Eric, a friend of Gun Lab, let me borrow his AR-10 hand guards collection to photograph and measure up.

The first set of pictures is of a very early hand guard that has not been completed. The information I obtain from this single piece is worth volumes in trying to determine how and what material they were made from. This hand guard has none of the hole drilled into it and has neither of the end caps installed.



Looking at the front end of the hand guard you can see the thickness of the sheet metal liner and the density of the foam and fiberglass outer housing.

DSC_9058cs Here you can see the seam on the hand guard when it was put together.

DSC_8997csThis view of the rear of the hand guard you can see the forming of the sheet metal for the gas tube as well as a good view of the type of foam material used.

DSC_9009csHe sent the end caps as well. This allow for a detailed examination of both pieces. Drawings were made of both of them.

The front end cap, front view.

DSC_8974csThe front end cap, rear view.

DSC_8971csThe type of material has not been accurately determined yet, still working on it.

The rear end cap has a great deal more detail to it.




The second hand guard that Eric sent is an unused Sudanese type. You can easily see the hole pattern on the hand guard.

DSC_9015csThis close up shows the fit up of the rear end cap and the grove and hole alignment.

DSC_9016sYou can see the difference between an early and the later rear end cap.

DSC_9020sA good view of the gas tube slot in the rear hand guard.

DSC_9021sA close up of the front end cap.

DSC_9028csThis Sudanese hand guard is from a friends parts kit.

DSC_9036csThe rear end cap design was changed between the first model and the Sudanese model

DSC_9046csThe grove for the gas tube has been increased in depth as well.


DSC_9050csThe hand guards and stock are easily damaged


DSC_9083sBecause of the damage and I now need U.S. 922r parts for my build everything on the front hand guards has been drawn up and as in the case of the rear end cap has been test run on the machines.


I started on a set of molds to make new ones in the future. Unfortunately, the first set that I made did not work correctly. A second set has been designed and programed and when time allows will be made. Projects are based upon time and if parts are available for me to complete the project.

I have to give special thanks to Eric for letting me borrow these rare components.

Just one last look of all of the hand guards in a single picture.


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